Top 4 benefits of using THC

Tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC is the most recognized component contained in cannabis. It is best known for the high feeling you get when you use marijuana. THC has been the center of a controversy that surrounds the medical use of marijuana as THC has a psychoactivity. While the compounds like cannabidiol have gained significant attention due to the lack of psychoactivity, nearly two decades of research has concluded the benefits of using THC.

Here are the top four benefits of using THC.

Relieves Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons why medical marijuana is prescribed as the THC ingredient contained in cannabis is responsible for the anti-pain effects. According to research, THC works by activating the pathways of the central nervous system to block out pain signals to and from the brain. Additionally, marijuana has been claimed to be effective against nerve-related pain.

Aids in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Another main reason to use THC is the relief patients who have PSTD receive under the use of medical marijuana. In fact, the high feeling you receive from THC is also linked to the temporary memory loss. This may be seen as a major drawback for some users. However, the impaired memory is found to be therapeutic for those who struggle from memories that are painful and distraught.

Helps Treat Nausea and Vomiting

Medical marijuana is known to be prescribing for patients who undergo cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. Nausea and vomiting are one of the major side effects of chemotherapy, which allows THC to help bring relief. Marinol is a synthetic THC pill that was the first cannabis-based medication that was approved by the FDA.

Treat Asthma

Asthma is one of the least known conditions that use medical marijuana to treat symptoms. Surprisingly, the ability to improve breathing in asthmatics is proven by THC as research is supported by studies that date back to the 70s.

Are you planning on using THC to improve your health and reduce chronic pain? Are you a frequent user? Comment below and share your opinions with us!

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5 Shocking health benefits of sex

Did you know that sex is not only meant to feel good, but it is also good for your health? Check out these give unexpected health benefits and sex.

Sex Boosts Your Immune System

Studies show that individuals who have sex also have high levels of antibody properties that fight against germs and viruses to protect the body. Studies at the Wilkes University of Pennsylvania claim that students who have sex regularly twice a week also had the high level of antibody when compared to those who didn’t have sex.

Sex helps you stress less

Studies show that couples who have intercourse every week can manage stress better than those who don’t engage in regular stress. This is due to the oxytocin and endorphins that are released during intimacy that create relaxation and fights off anxiety.

Sex helps you sleep better

The endorphins you receive from sex will help you de-stress and relax the body and mind for better sleep. In fact, orgasms will also release the hormone prolactin, which is said to make you feel more energized throughout the day and sleep better at night.

Sex reduces menstrual cramps and lightens the period

When women reach their climax, this causes the uterus to contract and rid the body of compounds that cause cramps. The increased number of contractions in the uterine will help expel blood tissue quickly and help you get through your menstruation faster.

Sex will contribute to strengthening your body

Sex is also counted as cardio exercise as a single session can help you burn as much as 200 calories. Cardiologists also say the sexual intercourse is compared to a modest workout as your abs; back muscles, butt, and thighs get a workout during your intimacy.

With all these great health benefits that sex has to offer, do you still need the motivation to spice things up? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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5 Surprising health effects of sleep deprivation

Ever wondered what sleep deprivation could do to the body if followed for extended periods of time? In today’s modern age, people are always in a rush which makes sleep become less and less by the day. However, the quality of your sleep plays a vital role in your health and overall physical well-being.

Here are five unexpected health effects of sleep deprivation.

The Lack of sleep will short life expectancy

According to experts at the Harvard Medical School, people who receive less than five hours of sleep are likely to die young. Researchers have also discovered that having the low quality of sleep will double the risk of cardiovascular disease and even death – which is known as the number one cause of death in America.

Your body will gain weight

With the less sleep you get, your body will rebel against you and become more likely to gain weight. In fact, 30% of people who claim to get little sleep are more obese than those who sleep at least six hours a day. This may be due to the hormone, Leptin that makes you feel full and works to regulate fat storage.

Sleep deprivation will cause you to lose your memory

The lack of sleep will even affect your brain as getting less than five hours of sleep can damage the brain cells and even disrupt the growth. In fact, you may even increase the risk of developing plaque-forming proteins that cause dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Lack of sleep will make you age faster

One of the first signs of sleep deprivation will appear on your skin with red, puffy eyes. This will lead to fine lines and wrinkles that circle the dark eyes, When you allow your body to sleep, it will repair itself and keep your body healthy to thicken the skin.

Sleep deprivation will weaken the immune system

The lack of sleep will cause your body to wear down the immune system and make it harder to fight off illness. This will slow down your recovery move and make you more likely to get sick more often.

Are you getting enough sleep? What have you done to improve your sleep quality? Comment below and let us know what you think!…

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