Top Benefits To Using CBD Oil As A Medical Alternative

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is a natural occurring substance that has come into the spotlight recently for a number of reasons. It is still under research but the initial results are promising.

As its use is still very new, there are quite a number of gaps but it is safe and legal to use. Recently, CBD has been accepted as a means of relaxation and its popularity continues to rise. This article outlines some important facts about Cannabidiol to give you a clear picture about it.

Where Does CBD Oil Come From?

CBD oil is extracted then separated from the varieties of cannabis known as hemp. Chemically, cannabidiol is among the 113 compound substances known as cannabinoids that are all found in the cannabis plant.

CBD is the second most abundant chemical in hemp after THC typically representing 40 per cent of the extracts. Most people have heard about THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), an intoxicating and illegal chemical that causes marijuana users to get psychoactive –high-.

However, CBD is completely separated from THC and it is impossible to get high by ingesting or smoking CBD high products with no traces of THC or even those with only traces of THC.
CBD is extracted in the form of oil and it is often found mixed in hemp oil in different concentrations.

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Medical Uses Of CBD Oil

Research shows that CBD is beneficial is treating certain diseases such as:


According to a study carried out, cannabinoids act as anti tumor agents. The best part is that unlike other cancer treatments, they kill cancer cells without harming the healthy counterparts. They also protects the non transformed cells from dying.

Seizure And Epilepsy

CBD oil used for medical purpose can help the user recover from seizure as old as five years.


Today, a huge number of people suffer from social anxiety. Fortunately, it is one of the medical conditions that can be treated with the help of cannabidiol oil.

Multiple sclerosis

This is an unfortunate medical condition that does not have a specific treatment. Fortunately, CBD oil has been proven to be one of the most effective treatment option for multiple sclerosis.


Psoriasis is a common skin condition that most people hide under their clothes and hair. If you are a victim and are looking for an effective remedy that will help you get rid of the symptoms, CBD oil has been proven to be a beneficial supplement. It helps to reduce the keratinocytes or proliferation of the skin cells.


With over 400 million people in the world diagnosed with diabetes and leading to more than 5 million deaths every year, it is fortunate CBD oil has been proven to be a successful treatment for this diabetes.


Autism is a neuro behaviroral disorder that impairs communication and social language skills of the sufferer. The intensity of the symptoms and impairment can significantly impact his or her life.

Fortunately, CBD oil has shown amazing results for treating the symptoms of autism.
In addition to offering relief from the symptoms of the above life threatening conditions, CBD oil can also be used to treat whooping cough, asthma pain as well as to provide sedative effects

Inflammation And Muscle Soreness

The natural properties in CBD Oil serve as a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory. Long term inflammation can cause damage in the tissue, and long term use of pain relievers that contain harmful chemicals can deteriorate your health. The harmfull chemicals in these pain relievers can affect the liver, stomach and kidney.

CBD oil also relaxes the muscle, for example, when in therapy it is important to stretch the muscle but is almost impossible when the pain is unbearable. This natural alternative brings relief for easy and comfortable movement as the muscle relaxes from the dosage.

Benefits Of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol oil has been linked with the following benefits:
· Antiemetic; it helps to reduce nausea and vomiting
· Anticonvulsant; it reduces the risk of seizures and suppress all seizure activity
· Antipsychotic; fights against psychosis disorders
· Anti inflammatory; helps to reduce inflammation in the body and defends it against inflammatory diseases.
· Anti oxidant; reduces the risk of degenerative brain conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer.
· Anti depressant or anxiolytic; treats the symptoms of depression and reduces anxiety
· Anti cancer or anti tumoral; CBD oil has been proven to help fight tumors as well as reduce the growth of cancer cells.
· Another benefit of CBD oil is that it takes away the edge of THC by reducing side effects such as memory loss and paranoia. It has also been shown to help reduce sleepiness that is caused by THC.

Pros Of Using CBD oil

Dozens of studies have proven the effectiveness of this substance in treating several conditions with most studies concluding that there are no pros of using cannabinoid.

However, though not a cause for concern, there are a few side effects of using CBD oil. They include:

Decreased activity of p-glycoprotein or Inhibition of hepatic drug metabolism. CBD interacts with a series of pharmaceuticals and inhibits the activity of certain liver enzymes known as P450.

Another side effect is the dry sensation the user experiences in the mouth. This is often caused by the involvement of endocannabinoid system in inhibiting the secretion of saliva.