NBNL Medical Center works to provide the needs for the health of the community. We have partnered will health care providers, community members, and patients to help the NBNL Medical Center provide the best medical service and maintain excellence in all areas of service.

The NBNL Medical Center offers a complete healthcare facility that serves the community of San Antonio Texas. We provide full surgical treatment and capabilities that include robotic surgery, laser treatments, and heart surgery.
NBNL Medical Center has built the foundation to provide the following:

Transitional Care

NBNL Medical Center makes sure to that each of our patients who are ready to be discharged from the hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation faculty is initially seen by their primary doctor before their release.

Care Coordination

Our staff is trained to assist the patient and doctor communication in the navigation through the health care system and receive the care they need in an appropriate manner.

Patient Access to care

We strive to reduce the use of the emergency room to make it easier for our patients to meet with the physicians in a timely matter that is efficient for both patient and doctor.

Information Access

At NBNL Medical Center, our computer network provides information between the office of the physician, post-acute care, hospital, and patients to ensure that they receive all the relevant information that is available to the doctor at the time we receive and provide health care. This will help to reduce the need for multiple testing and treatment.